Chloe Firebaugh

Level 2 Stylist

There are several reasons why I became a hairstylist, here are just a few that I feel set me apart.

I love opening up with clients and hearing their stories, it allows me to really connect on a personal level. I am very passionate about helping people understand how important mental health is and how taking time for yourself is a vital part of that! I also consider myself an artist at heart, blessing my clients as individual canvases is something I feel God’s gifted to me all while allowing my voice to be used with my clients to help them feel at ease and comfortable with sharing their life and stories.

I tend to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of my clients hair and style and use those to accommodate exactly what they desire.

Being a young stylist, I pride myself in pushing past obstacles in hope to urge the younger generations to work hard to achieve their goals.
Hair is my passion but using my voice for good and showing love to all persons is what I strive to do.

I love being a mentor to anybody searching for one on one help in this industry. Whether it be personalized tutorials to help you learn at home styling in a practical way, learning which products are best for your hair or talking about a hardship you’re going through – I am catered to you and when you’re in my chair, I am all yours.