Hair Coloring

Woman from behind having her long hair colored.

All Over Color

We use a Demi- Permanent or Permanent Hair Color from our Davines color line, MASK. This service is applied from roots to ends with your desired level and reflection. Please note when booking: This is a color service that does NOT allow lifting, only depositing hair color. If your goal is to lighten your hair, please contact our salon for a consultation for further booking assistance. 

PLEASE NOTE: This service does not include a haircut, treatment, or toning services.

Root Retouch

Permanent Davines Hair Color applied to the roots ONLY- This coloring service is perfect for gray coverage or for clients who are in need of depositing color, such as a blonde who likes to have black hair. 

PLEASE NOTE: This service does not include a haircut, treatment, or toning services.

Women with blonde hair having the color retouched.

Highlights/ Lowlights (Full, Partial, Accent) 

Full Highlight/ Lowlight: This service will either include bleach to lighten the hair or our Davines Mask hair color line to give a darker dimensional look. When booking this service, please allow more time than usual due to the fact that your stylist will be placing foils throughout your entire head.

Partial Highlight/ Lowlight: Your salon professional will strategically place foils throughout the top, sides, and a couple falling from the top of the head. Your stylist will either use bleach or Davines Mask hair color for this service. The difference between a full and partial highlight is the back/underside of your hair. Please keep in mind, this service does not include in the back of your hair.

Accent Highlights/ Lowlights: Your stylist will place foils in your hair upon the look you are wanting our salon professional to create for you, typically this foil technique is for a bold money piece or to accent a section of your hair for a fun or settled look. Sometimes this is also called face framing. This service includes approximately 10 foils, so when booking, please make sure this is the right service for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This service does NOT include a haircut, treatment, or additional color such as a toning service. Don’t forget to add additional services to this appointment so your service provider can allow enough time for your service.

Partial/ Full Balayage:

This service is for those clients who want a more low maintenance and natural look for their hair. We use a clay hand painting lightener for a sun-kissed look! 

Baylage being applied to woman with dark hair

Reverse balayage being applied to a woman with long dark hair

Reverse Balayage

Are you a blonde wanting to go darker? Or maybe you just want a lower-maintenance option? This service consists of a Demi or Permanent hair color melted down from the root to add depth and dimension to your hair. Your stylist will also apply foils to help add depth throughout your hair, placing them strategically where needed.


This service is for those clients wanting to tone/ refresh their existing color. You would book this specific service either between your next highlight service to tone out unwanted color like brass or red underlying pigment or for clients who want to keep their overall hair color shiny & vibrant.

Women having product washed out of her hair in a salon

Root melt being applied to woman with dark hair

Root Melt

This is for the client wanting a more blended, natural look. For example, If you don’t like the fresh look of highlights straight from your scalp, a root melt can blend your natural color to your new highlights. This can also reduce the upkeep and help you go longer between hair color services. Please note, if booking as a stand-alone service, you will need to add on a blowout and style if desired.